Construction of our communities

Construction Elements

• Ease of Construction

• Sturdy Construction (Wind/Earthquakes)

• Super Insulated 

• Fire Resistant

• Mold Resistant

• Insect Resistant 

• Attractive Architecture

• Healthy Living Environments

• Affordable

Building System Benefits


 • Affordable

• Easy/quick assembly

• Plug & Play technology for immediate implementation

• Flexible options for technology 

• Maintenance free 

• Energy efficient - can be off grid easily

• Utilities Bills are extremely low – high performance homes

• Can be expanded with ease as family grows

• Healthy Living Indoor Environment, Sustainable, “Green”

• Structure has no components for mold/insects/fire  


Innovative assembly and construction


  • Utilize unskilled labor (Unemployed who need work)
  • Just-in-time fabrication of components
  • Little to no waste
  • Quick assembly  
  • Lower cost of materials 

A growing Charlotte requires swift and affordable solutions - Home Again Foundation, INC is doing it

Recent Department of Housing and Urban Development data* indicates a need for over 21,000 housing units affordable to families at or below 50% of median area income. Housing needs are expected to intensify as real estate forecasts indicate market pressures will allow higher pricing on both rental units and for-sale housing.  

*City of Charlotte and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Consortium FY'19 Annual Action Plan