It all started with a child's question

Back in 1995, when a Father and his young 7-year old daughter went out to eat one day they encountered a homeless man outside the restaurant asking for money or food. The daughter wanted to know why the man didn't have money or food. The father didn't have a good answer. This spurred the father to find an answer for his daughters question. 

He researched and found a national program called Room In The Inn.  That man was Rick Gilbert and since then, and for the last 20 years, Rick and his family have worked tirelessly on behalf of the homeless through Room In The Inn.  They instituted Room In The Inn's Winter Shelter Program in  Mint Hill, North Carolina.  This program provides safe shelter, warm meals, and fellowship for people struggling with homelessness during the coldest months of the year; in this area, November through March.   Home Again Foundation, INC was created out of Rick's passion to help assist the area's homeless for more than just during those harshest months.   

Home Again Foundation, INC will serve its clients by building affordable and sustainable housing.  They will also coordinate supportive services to ensure success of those they serve.  

Home Again Foundation, INC communities will be desirable and an asset for municipalities with rules and procedures implemented to ensure they continue to be attractive, safe havens well into the future.