Building and Development Partners


 Designer Construction Corporation was incorporated in year 2000 to serve the residential and light commercial market in the Charlotte and surround areas.  They have experience with just about all facet of construction and have experimented with new techniques and developed best practices in building affordable housing.  Designer Construction has a team dedicated to not only make affordable and attractive homes,  but to produce homes that will offer:

  • Healthy Living environments
  • Very low utility costs
  • Very low to no maintenance
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Very comfortable living environments
  • Fire Resistant
  • Where flooding can occur, we can make the home washable
  • Hi-Tech
  • Off Grid when desired
  • Self-Contained systems when needed
  • Quick assembly that can be completed by volunteers

Designer Construction is excited about working with Home Again Foundation, INC to deliver a comprehensive sustainable solution for affordable housing.