Whats Happening in Charlotte?

Maintain Affordable Housing


  The City will also continue to provide down payment assistance to lower the barriers of home ownership for low and moderate income households. 

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Advisory Board


This Community based board is appointed to advocate for economic mobility and housing best practices. Board Members bring expertise and commitment with authentic and influential experience in homelessness and housing services . 

Mecklenburg County's Work First Program


Intended to help lift households receiving public assistance out of their poverty circumstances and into full-time employment. 

We need to build homes NOW


  By the end of calendar year 2018 Charlotte Housing Authority will only have 136 public housing units remaining in its portfolio and those will be gone by mid-2019.  

Charlotte Lowest in Economic Mobility


In 2014 national report  ranked Charlotte dead last among the nation’s 50 largest cities in terms of economic mobility. According to the report, which was released jointly by Harvard University and the University of California, children who were born poor in Charlotte had less of a chance to escape their economic conditions than did children in cities such as Detroit, Milwaukee and New Orleans, where the poverty rates are more than twice as high.

Landlords won't accept vouchers


The Charlotte Housing Authority  is distributing a survey to determine how it can get more landlords to participate in Section 8.   Roughly 4,200 Charlotte households depend on Section 8 benefits to help pay their rent.